Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Days in Paris

With apologies to Julie Delpy, whose film "Two Days in Paris" I watched while flying to Paris yesterday, I am spending two fulll days and two part days in Paris right now.

Then, I go off for 8 days and will return here for 4 more days.

So far, the weather is mild but not hot...and clear. I'm not complaining at all.

I'm in "my" neighborhood I the 7th at a hotel with a lovely garden that I overlook from my tiny room.

There are many restaurants right in the neighborhood.

Last night I ate at Les Cocottes, one chef Christian Constant's four restaurants on just a single block.

I like all of Constant's restaurants, but chose Les Cocottes because it serves my idea of "comfort food." This was what I craved after a day of travel with little sleep. Most dishes at Les Cocottes are served in iron casseroles...and not just any iron casseroles: special Staub casseroles.

Les Cocottes does not accept reservations. about half an hour before their 7 p.m. Dinner opening, people start lining up.

Seating is on high stools, both at tables and at counters at the bar and along the walls.

I took a counter seat at the bar, where I chatted while I dined with several other travelers. Not surprisingly, the customers at 7 p.m. Are mostly travelers, many of them Americans. The French usually dine later.

And, for dinner?

I started with a salad of three large shrimp, gambas, on a bed of frisse.

My main course was Monk Fish on mashed potatoes, all topped with a braised cabbage leaf and a slice of ham.

Dessert was a Red Berry Crisp.

I ended the day quite content and am planning a return meal before I return home.

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