Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Pain au Raisin in Mollans

This morning at 8 am, I got the last Pain au Raisin in Mollans...or so I thought.

At just 8 a.m., before going into the hotel dining room, I dashed across the street to the bakery closest to my hotel to buy myself a Pain au Raisin.

It's just a simple pastry made of sweet breadlike dough and lots of raisins. It's rolled like a snail.

I know I can get them at home, but I first discovered them in Paris and I love them...not too sweet and not as rich as a croissant. And, somehow, the French ones always taste better.

After breakfast, on my morning walk, I stopped at the other bakery to see if they had Pain au Raisin and they still had two. I told the owner that I adored them but had all ready had one at breakfast, but that I'd come to his shop tomorrow.

He offered to reserve one for me. I said "oui" and I introduced myself. We shook hands. He asked if I was American and we talked a bit about California. I feel like I'm starting to become part of Mollans.

If all goes well, I'll have sampled all the Pains au Raisin in Mollans.
Just to catch up on last night's food, in case you are worried that I'm not eating properly, last night was cheese and bread, and a bit more at Hallie and Mary's.

It was totally informal and very relaxed and a perfect dinner after our three-hour lunch.

We shared bread, cheeses,ratatouille, tapenade, and the biggest-ever apple that a neighbor had brought by.

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