Thursday, August 25, 2016

My 103 year old Friend Sue, gets back in the pool

Today was a big day at the Heather Farm Pool and for my longtime friend, neighbor and swim buddy, Sue. 

For at least 8 years, Sue has been talking about getting back into the pool. She was regularly swimming with and competing for the Walnut Creek Masters team well into her 90’s, at the 6:45 a.m. workout.

At age 103 year and 4 months, she continues to be a woman who does not take “no” for an answer. Each morning, rain or shine, cold or hot, she walks about a mile around her neighborhood, a neighborhood that includes some hills!!!

A few years ago, she moved out of her house to an nearby Assisted Living residence, right in the neighborhood.

She’s been regularly heckling the Activities Director to organize a swim at the Clarke Memorial Pool in Heather Farm Park, the pool where Walnut Creek Masters trains.

Today was the day she got her swim wish.  She swam at least 6 laps, doing both freestyle and backstroke.   One of her backstroke laps clocked at 1:05:03!!! She’s already planning her return when she plans to give her butterfly and breast stroke a try.

Arriving at the pool with her friend Michele

Suited up and ready to take the plunge.

Masters swim buddies Felicia, Donna, Beverly, Michele, and Martha came to cheer her on.

Michele and Martha help Sue into the water…She had expected to just dive in, but was convinced to use the stairs.

Coach Steve provided Sue with a WCM swim cap and came by to offer a few swim tips.

Lots of laughter today.

After a few laps on the kick board, Sue decided to add fins.

And, she takes off…

Next up, several laps of backstroke

And, some rests between sets.

Posing for her fans.

The Activities Director and several friends from her residence cheered Sue on and were inspired to, perhaps, return for a swim or water aerobics class themselves.

Happy Swimming to all!