Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Louie is 10! Happy Birthday, Louie!

Today is Louie's 10th Birthday! My how the time flies! This year we decided to have a simple "intimate" dinner party rather than a big party. Last night was the dinner. The guests were Mary Ann, Dean, Ruth, and Louie's girlfriend, Pearly. The people dined on Peruvian Chicken, Mixed Grains, and a salad of Mushrooms and Asparagus.
The dogs enjoyed doggie cookies and anything they could pick up off the floor...there was particular interest among the dogs in the hors d'ouevres, particularly the cheese plate. For dessert, the dogs enjoyed a peanut butter and carob cake. There was great anticipation of the cake while the candles were being lit.
The people had Strawberry Chiffon Cake and Fresh Strawberries.
Happy Birthday, Louie...and many many more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I only know one person in the world who is 99 and that person is my friend Sue. She's also a neighbor and used to be a swim buddy on our Masters Swim Team.

Last week she turned 99 and today Dixie, Starr, and I took her to lunch at our new Neiman Marcus.

Shortly after we were seated, we were brought their traditional popovers that are served with strawberry butter with all meals.

Next, we were presented with a tiny cup of chicken consommé.

This week is Restaurant Week in Walnut Creek and many of the City's restaurants are offering fixed price special meals at lunch and dinner...in addition to their regular menu.

None of us could resist the three course Restaurant Week menu.

For first courses, two of us chose the Beet, Spinach, and Orange Salad.

The other two had the creamy Asparagus Soup.

For main courses, all but Dixie chose the Scallops...an Asian rendition.

Dixie had the Short Rib Perogi.

For dessert, we again split on the two choices:

Two for the Almond Cake with a Rhubarb Compote

and two for the Walnut Creek Bar, a sort of crustless walnut tart, served with blue berries, ice cream chocolate sauce, and lots more.

We were happy? That's not even a question: Everything was delicious!!!

Did we get enough to eat? Again, not a question...even with a half-serving of dessert on the special menu, we all went home wondering if we'd even be hungry by dinner time.

Happy Birthday, Sue...and many many more!!!