Monday, October 3, 2016

Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer October 2016

For the 19th year, I swam the Swim A Mile for Women with Cancer, a fundraising event for the Women's Cancer Resource Center (WCRC) in Oakland California. The Swim takes place on the first weekend of October each year.

 I swam in Honor of 47 people and in Memory of 37 people.  Those I honor/remember are friends and family of those who sponsor my swim. Many are my personal friends and family

My team of five, "Beverly's Angels" were Pam, Amy, Janet, Harriet, and me.

The weather was threatening at times, with showers every so often.  But, as long as there is no thunder or lightning, swimmers have no problem with raindrops...we are quite wet already!

After the swim, here are the four of us feeling very accomplished.  Team member Harriet was not able to swim this year but became our official photographer and cheerleader.

We all got GOLD MEDALS for our accomplishments!

And, then, we enjoyed the good food and company on the lawn by the pool.

Many thanks to all who sponsored me in the Swim A Mile.  So far, I've raised over $3000 for WCRC and know that more donations will be coming in.

Looking forward to Swim A Mile 2017!!!