Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day, Another Provençal Market

Thursday is Market day in Nyons, a town about half an hour north of Mollans.

Because this market attracts so many cars, Hallie and Mary decided that we should, all eight of us, travel in one car.

Mary is driving an Alhambra mini-van that can seat seven. Since Hallie is the smallest of us, she got to travel in the storage area. Fortunately, the Alhambra has very good air conditioning as the temperature has been in the 80s most of the day. Hallie survived the day.

En route we made a quick stop at the market on a farm where they were carrying in trays of fresh-picked produce.

We spent a few hours at the Market where I bought some herbs from a vendor we were introduced to on Tuesday in Vaisson.

We also stopped at the Nyons Cooperative to taste olives and buy and look at other local products.

It was then off to Condorcet for a very leisurely lunch at La Charrette Bleue, a lovely restaurant overlooking the countryside.

Sorry the picture is mottled; we were sitting under a screen on the patio.

Some of what we ate during our almost-three-hour lunch were a white bean spread with crostini, brochettes of shrimp and chicken, a much more appealing version of Caillettes than what was served the other day, Lieu ( a fish in the hake family), Floating Island, a chocolate mousse-like dessert, and poached peach Melba.
And then we drove the scenic route home through the winding, mountainous roads of Buis les Baronnes.
Back in Mollans, I stopped at our local organic produce store for some fresh fruit for tomorrow's breakfast...curiously, while our hotel is a Logis member and quite nice, the fruit at breakfast is either dried or canned fruit cocktail!!!

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