Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday in Provence

Sundays in Provence are family days, often focused around a big Sunday lunch.

The few businesses that were open in Mollans this morning....the bakery and grocery store, and the bar/cafes, mostly are closed by noon.

So, our group, or family in Provence, slowed down and enjoyed Sunday together.

We started our day at a flea market in nearby Merindol.

This is a roving flea market that moves each week to a different village. Next Sunday, it will be in Mollans.

We wandered around and even I found something to buy...a pair of earrings for 1 euro!

Then, it was time to get ready for our last organized activity of the day: Sunday Lunch.

Our three-plus hour lunch was in a nearby village, Plaisians at Auberge de la Clue.

At least three generations of family served us our meal. Much of what they serve is raised on their farm and grown in their fruit orchards and garden.

I've had other Sunday lunches in French villages, but today's was quite a bit nicer than any I've had in the past.

Before the dishes we ordered were served, we were presented with this house made Head Cheese.

Kelly did a great job of slicing. The others ate heartily while I watched and tried not to make funny faces....I don't like things in aspic and don't like eating " unusual" animal parts.

Fear not, I did not starve..there was much more coming.

Our starters included my choice of Goat Cheese Ravioli served in a casserole right out of the oven.

Hallie and Mary both had the Seafood Salad that was so huge, I'd have liked to make a meal of it.

Several had a salad of goat cheese coated with black olive tapenade.

And, Kelly's choice was Foie Gras.

Our main course choices included my Lotte (monk fish) and Hallie's Leg of Lamb.

The cheese course was served by the young daughter of the chef. since our table was quite crowded, she could not wheel her big cart up next to out table. Instead, we lined up to make our selections.

Then, it was on to dessert.

Our group has become quite fond of Profiteroles, so this was a popular dessert selection...and enjoyed!

Hallie had the Plum Clafoutis and I had the Gateau of Crepes.

Sometime around 4 pm, we finished our Sunday Lunch.

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