Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Meal Prepared in Provence

Yesterday I described our day of prepping for last night's dinner.

Every bit of the fruits of our labor was perfection!

With cocktails, we munched on the Cheese Sables and the Black Olive Tapenade. The bread was one we bought that morning at a local bakery while we walked around town.

By the way, the population of Mollans is about 900 and yet it has two bakeries, a butcher shop, a grocery store, an organic food, produce and personal care shop, as well as at least three restaurants, our hotel, a beauty parlor, two bars, and more.

The roasted peppers, tomatoes, and Proven├žal olive first course was vibrant in both color and taste.

The Duck and Chicken Casserole was succulent.

And, the White Bean Gratin the perfect accompaniment.

I know they look kind of dark in my photos, but, trust me, they are beautiful "in person," especially if you are the one who shelled the beans and browned the poultry.

And, latstly, there was dessert, the Red Wine Tart which is so dark, it could be mistaken for a chocolate tart.

Not to worry, the first taste is something one must experience.

Since this is pear season, we topped each serving with a scoop of pear sorbet.

Guess what I'll be serving at my next dinner party?

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