Monday, October 6, 2008


Once again, for my 11th year, I participated in the Women's Cancer Resource Center's (WCRC's) Swim A Mile for Women with cancer. WCRC is located in Oakland, California, where it provides services, resources, support, and special programs to Women with Cancer...all FREE! Its clients range from those with little income and no insurance to those who are fully insured and can afford medical care, but, when faced with Cancer, need assistance in navigating the medical system, finding appropriate care, and needing support.

Since swimming is one of my favorite and regular physical activities, I love the event and I love that my sponsors support me and the WCRC with their donations. The swim was Saturday, October 4, 2008, at the Mills College Pool. While I still have donations coming in, to date, I've raised close to $3000. Thank you all who sponsored me and enjoy these photos.

I swam with my friend Harriet, This was Harriet's second Swim A Mile and this year we shared a lane, which made it even more fun.

At the pool, there is a wall on which swimmers can post the names of those in whose honor and memory they are swimming. As you can see, I honored and remembered many people...a reminder of how Cancer has its effect on so many of us and our loved ones.

A special person that both Harriet and I honored is Janet, Harriet's daughter and my special friend, who is now a one-year Breast Cancer survivor and the youngest person whom we know who has had cancer. She's had a busy and exhausting year treating her cancer, but is back to her "normal" life and came to cheer us on and to celebrate a bit.

The swim lasted two days. Volunteers served as lap counters for each lane and did lots of work to make this a successful event.

For as long as I've been doing the Swim A Mile, Ali Vogt, pictured here with both me and Harriet, has been our contact person and the main organizer of the event. Cheers to Ali's tireless spirit!

After the swim, there is always lots of terrific food.

Swim A Mile is not a swimming competition...swimmers of all levels are welcomed with open arms...once you are in the water, you can stay in until you are finished, no matter the time. Participants can do any stroke they wish and use any swim gear that they like. Harriet wore fins and brought her kick board.

Kids, men, and even non-swimmers participate. This year, there were several people who WALKED (!) the mile in the water!

AND, ONE MORE THING...Here are photos of all the memory/honor cards I posted at the Swim...these are easier to read.


Mary said...

Congratulations to a woman whom I admire greatly.

mary ann said...

Thank you for swimming, raising money and for your boundless energy. I love these photos and feel that I was there with you!