Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Just about every year, Jimmy Buffett, who will be 62 in December, comes to the San Francisco Bay Area, with a new tour. This year it is called The Year of Still Here.

Last night was his night at the Shoreline Ampitheatre, an outdoor performance venue in Mountain View.

My friend Ruth and I, loyal Parrotheads that we are, always attend his shows. In fact, last night was Ruth's second time to see this year's tour; she saw it this summer in St. Louis.

It takes about an hour and a half in rush hour traffic to drive to Shoreline from home.

We started our journey with a little photo shoot in her driveway.

The thing on my head is a Shark, the perfect accessory, particularly when Jimmy sings Fins. Jimmy Buffett concerts are big costume parties...yes, I really am wearing a hula skirt over my's late October in Northern California and this concert was outdoors, you know. I completed my outfit with Parrot earrings, a lei, and a Jimmy Buffett shirt from a past concert. Ruth stuck with "jewelry"...a tiki doll necklace and a few leis.

We stopped at Kinders for Sandwiches and salads for our tailgate dinner, and off we drove.

Even arriving two hours before showtime, we found the parking lot alive with tailgaters...had we wanted a Margarita from our neighboring tailgaters, they would have gladly poured us one. And, some of our other neighbors were grilling Cheeseburgers from Paradise.

My Blondes for Obama button was nothing compared to this gal's Parrotheads 4 Obama sign.

Jimmy's crew liked it so much, they featured it as part of the video that was shown during the concert.

We had some of our best seats ever, in the 15th row, in clear sight of a big video screen and of the stage...of course the huge guy who came in late and was seated in front of us, did cramp our style a bit by blocking our view when we took a break from dancing to sit down to catch our breath for a moment.

Jimmy is looking good and shows no sign of wearing out. He was onstage and singing for close to two and a half hours, with just one very short break.

When he first came on stage, he informed the audience that if they had come to see Tina Turner, they were at the wrong show. Tina, now age 68, just made her tour through the Bay Area. Jimmy acknowledged his desire to keep up with her.

One of the highlights of the show was Jimmy singing with Nadirah Shakoor, one of his Reeferettes (backup singers). She has a distinctive and amazing voice and has just released a new album of her own, Nod to the Storyteller, which includes songs of her own and also her renditions of somel of Jimmy's songs. Her album is a tribute to Jimmy, with whom she has sung for 13 years.

The other Reeferette, Tina Gullickson has been with Jimmy for the same length of time.

After three encores, the show was over and we were on our way was close to 1 a.m. when we said goodnight.

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