Monday, October 20, 2008

Elle & Louie go to the Pumpkin Patch

This afternoon, Louie, Jim, & Beverly took Elle for her first-ever visit to the Pumpkin Patch. When Elle wasn't trying to eat hay, she picked out a pumpkin to take home, checked out the animals at the Petting Zoo, and posed for pictures.

At the Petting Zoo, one of the goats was interested in Elle, but she kept him at bay with her barking. Louie has already made friends with the goats and the pig, and just ignored them all.

Then it was time for a photo shoot. First with Jim sitting on hay bales.

Then, with Beverly, climbing through a hay bale tunnel.

It was just fun to look around at scarecrows and piles of pumpkins.

Finally, Beverly took Elle for a ride on the straw horse.

Lots of firsts for our girl and Louie made sure he showed her the ropes.

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