Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Gourmet Group met in Mendocino last weekend.

As always, the food was creative and delicious, the beverages plentiful, and the conversation lively, as would be expected with a group of friends who have been meeting like this for at least 30 years.

Our hosts started the evening off with Cheese and Crackers and Grilled Stuffed Fresh Figs.

The Piedmonters, served an Arugula Salad with Prosciuto-wrapped Stuffed Peppers and Flat Bread made from a "secret" recipe.

The main course, prepared by our hosts, was a Ragu of Barbecued Baby Back Ribs and Sausage, served over Pasta.

For dessert, the Creekers served Green Tea Madeleines and Green Tea White Chocolate Brownies.

Can't wait until next time.

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mary ann said...

Old friends and delicious food ~ what can be better? Don't you ever just stay home and watch TV? Well, I'm glad you don't!