Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When I go to Costco, it is generally with a big list.

Monday was no exception.

I timed my trip for later in the afternoon, thinking that I'd pick up a Rotisserie Chicken for dinner that evening. Costco's chickens are delicious and, at $5 or $6 per bird, they can easily feed a family of five. In our case, we have dinner for at least two nights.

So, I took my time doing my shopping...finding the necessaries and even indulging in a very cute Skinny Minnie top that was only $15.99...I wanted to get the Chicken last so it would stay warm enough to eat without reheating when I got home.

Finally, I meandered over to the Chicken and Ribs counter...they also sell hot-from-the-oven BBQd Baby Back Ribs. And wonder of all wonders, there was a sign stating "NO CHICKENS 9/15/08." I was so stunned, I had to call home in shock! Others around me were equally surprised, shocked, and dismayed.

Then, came the realization that I had nothing to eat for dinner.

But, I spied another item where the Chickens are usually displayed: MESQUITE DRUMS & WINGS. Each package weighed about 2 pounds and was priced at $3.99 a pound. I am not a big fan of Buffalo Wings and Chicken Drumsticks, but I needed dinner. So I bought them.

Got home, made a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, poured some Ranch Dressing into dipping dishes, and we had dinner.

We also had dinner the next night, with slightly different side dishes.

I don't know if Drums & Wings are going to be a regular hot item at Costco, I definitely don't know where the Chickens went, but we had a good dinner and all is well at my house.

Do you think that Drums & Wings are a Monday night special for Football fans?

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mary ann said...

We love Costco too. But where are those yummy roast chickens?