Saturday, September 6, 2008


After the movies tonight, we stopped at Walnut Creek's new burger place, The Counter. The Counter has a stylish diner ambiance. It is located on the lower level of The Mercer, a new complex of downtown Walnut Creek condominiums.

Our warm spell continues and we chose to sit outdoors on the sidewalk patio. Even with the traffic passing by, it seems quieter outdoors than inside in the dining area where sounds seems to echo off the walls.

The menu is simple: Choose your burger made of Beef,Turkey, Vegetables, or Griled Chicken. Choose the size of your burger: 1/3 lb., 2/3 lb, or one pound (!!!). You can have your burger on a bun (English Muffin, White Hamburger Bun, or Honey Wheat Bun) or have your burger with no bun and, instead, on a bed of Lettuce Blend or Mixed Baby Greens.

Included in the price of your burger is one cheese, up to 4 toppings, and one sauce. If you want more than this, there is an added cost. Burgers are $8.50, $10.75, or $13.75, depending on the size you select. Add another dollar if you have your burger on greens rather than on a bun.

If you don't wish to build your own burger, there a several featured combinations from which to choose.

And, you can add side dishes such as French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, and Onion Strings.

Beverages include all kinds on soft drinks, wine, beer, and ice cream floats and milk shakes.

We each built our own burgers. J did a Turkey Burger; I had the Veggie Burger. When mine arrived with its Sharp Provolone Cheese, Dill Pickle Chips, Roasted Chiles, Roasted Red Peppers, and Mixed Baby Greens plus Honey Mustard, it was sort of a towering mess.

But it tasted wonderful even though the only way I could handle it was with knife and fork.

We started with a "Fifty-Fifty" order of Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Strings which was served with three dipping sauces.

For beverages, we each had a beer...Wines by the glass are close to $10 which I think is too much for a Burger place, even an upscale one. My bottle of Corona was $4, more in line with the meal.

The food is good and dining here is great fun.

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