Tuesday, September 2, 2008

San Francisco Secret: September Weather

Today is a typical September San Francisco Day...sun and temperatures in the high 80s downtown. Those lucky tourists who are in town are happily wandering around Union Square in shorts and tank tops. Those of us who live here know that, should they decide to return in July or August, they will be shivering in the fog in these clothes!

And so, I donned a sundress and left the 'Creek, where the temps made it into the 90s, and headed for Union Square.

The foot of Powell Street, at Market, is a Cable Car turnaround and the beginning/end of both the Hyde and Powell lines. The tourists were lined up waiting for a ride on the Cable Car.

A few stops up, around Union Square, on a day like today, the Cable Car is too full to take on any more passengers. This is the place to board the Cable Car.

And, this is the place to watch it being turned around.

In place on turnaround.

The turnaround looks like a big Lazy Susan.

The conductor hitched a ride in because he has to help turn the Cable Car:

Turned around and ready to head up Powell Street.

On the corner of Powell and Post Street, by Union Square, two eager young ladies were handing out samples of Science Diet Cat Food. Gee, it seems like just yesterday when I'd be out on my lunch hour and be inundated by similar young ladies handing out cigarette samples...how the times change.

Further up Powell Street, by the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, disappointed tourists were being turned away from boarding the Cable Car.

A well-behaved Miniature Poodle and his parents, upon leaving the Sir Francis Drake, couldn't get on the crowded Cable Car. They had the doorman, in his signature Beefeater costume, hail a cab for them.

My one disappointment on my walk up Powell Street was that Caffe Espresso, at the corner of Powell and Sutter Streets, which used to be the Sir Francis Drake's casual dining spot, is now a Starbuck's. Much as I love Starbuck's, I am shocked that my favorite place for a good inexpensive lunch in this part of town is GONE! I had planned to have lunch here and instead wound up across the street at Lori's Diner...not a bad option but not what I had in mind.

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