Saturday, May 16, 2009


J and I had our evening planned out...first see "The Merry Gentleman" and then have dinner nearby at Pasta Pomodoro.

As the fates would have it, this evening as planned was not to be.

We are having an early heat wave and the temperature was over 90 degrees when we arrived at the movie theatre. It is an older multiplex and the air conditioning was working in all the theatres except the one showing "The Merry Gentleman." The show was going on, but the theatre felt warm and stuffy.

So, standing in the lobby I looked around at what else was playing and noticed "Every Little Step," the new film about casting the revival of "A Chorus Line." I'd read good things about it and had seen the revival when it came to San Francisco last year, so we decided to give it a shot.

Well, "Every Little Step" is an amazing film...I and those around me did not want it to end. Truly, I think it is better than the Chorus Line revival that I saw last year. I am recommending it to everyone and might just go see it another time.

After the movie, we drove the short distance to the shopping center where Pasta Pomodoro is. On the way over, the traffic lights were out at the intersection by the shopping center. Turns out the entire downtown Pleasant Hill was without power. Pomodoro was not taking new customers because they could not cook. We walked around and just about every shop and restaurant was closed.

Then, we got to Left Bank and the were open and serving only their cold items, both inside and out.

It was still warm enough to sit on the outdoor patio and we enjoyed a French "picnic" dinner...glasses of chilled rosé, two kinds of paté, cheese, and salad. What better meal could one have on a warm night?

J ordered Crème Brûlée for dessert and was so thrilled with it, I only got a photo of his empty dish.

The chef prepared a beautiful fresh fruit plate for me.

Sometimes the unplanned is far better than the planned...certainly the case this evening.

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mary ann said...

Yes, a wonderful evening for you two, thanks for sharing.