Saturday, May 2, 2009


John Muir Medical Center is my neighbor and also my hospital of choice. I've had enough surgeries and xrays there that I think they should at least name a bathroom door or cafeteria table after me! But enough of's something about their construction project..

For over 12 years, our neighborhood and other nearby neighborhoods have been invited to regular information/briefing/discussion sessions at the hospital regarding their construction and expansion plans.They've already added a parking garage and a currently working on a complete new hospital building whose completion target is December, 2010.

Since these projects do have an impact on the neighborhood, the hospital has tried its best to be a good neighbor by keeping us informed and up to date, while listening to our concerns.

I pass the hospital regularly on my walks and bike rides. I always stop to watch the work on the construction site.

At the most recent neighborhood meeting, there was a box on the sign in sheet to check if we planned to attend a construction site tour on April 30. Seeing this check box, I asked about it and was told that those of us from the neighborhoods who were interested, up to 18 of us, could visit the job site. With no hesitation, I checked the box, especially enthused at getting to wear a hard hat.

Jim does not go to these meetings, but when I told him about the tour, he was on the phone first thing the next morning to snag a place.

So this past Thursday at 6 p.m. we donned long pants, long sleeves, and sturdy closed toe shoes and went on the site tour. Only about a dozen of us showed up.

We were escorted by Clark Construction and the John Muir Facilities people. We started on the roof level and worked our way down, all the way to the basement.

In the basement, we could get a sense of how big this 5 level building actually is. The kitchen will be in the basement.

The building is framed, some siding is going up, the straps for duct work are in place, some of the conduits are also in place, some rooms are framed, but there is much much more to go.

The hospital will have a huge open rotunda in which there will be plants and flowers. It has been designed to be a sort of rain forest,with special watering methods.

Jack from Clark Construction described what was going to be on each floor. He had floor plans to show us.
The Facilities staff offered their insights into the future workings of the hospital.

This is where the main entrance will be.

And here is some special tile that is going to be on part of the facade.

For me, this site tour was a thrill beyond words.

We have been promised future tours in the next 20 months until completion of this new hospital building. I can't wait until the next time.

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