Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The "Warhol Live" exhibit at the DeYoung Museum closes on May 17 and my time was running out. So today, I made a quick visit to the DeYoung just for Warhol.

Actually, any visit to the DeYoung, no matter how short or long, is always a treat. I love its spaciousness and I love its art and architecture.

Today, I only had time for Warhol and lunch. Unfortunately, photos of the exhibit were not allowed, so all I can show are some announcement signs.

What I most loved is that this exhibit combined Warhol's art with his love of music and his involvement with the music industry. I had no idea, but the exhibit brought me back to the 60s and 70s when I had friends who hung out at the Factory and the time Jim and I went to see a Warhol movie in Harvard Square where the camera focused on a person chewing for the entire length of this movie. When I met Jim, I had a poster of Warhol "Flowers" hanging over my couch. This exhibit and the different music that accompanied it in each gallery is really a blast from the past...Was Mick Jagger ever that young? Was Debra Harry really such a glamor girl? What ever happened to Nico? I never knew the Velvet Underground used the Factory for its practice space. What about Baby Jane Holzer, Ultra Violet, and Viva...they were my contemporaries...Yikes! And, then there was poor Edie Sedgwick. I left the exhibit with my mind reeling...and I loved it.

"Warhol Live" has its own gift shop right outside the exit of the exhibit. And the final best surprise is that just about all the Warhol items are marked down, as much as 50%. My find was a silk scarf with the Flowers on it.

Before heading back downtown, I stopped for lunch in the DeYoung Cafe. My choice of the Tuna Nicoise "Open Faced" Salad was an amazing salad, accompanied by a grilled piece of bread. Very creative, very fresh, very very tasty.

The weather was warm and sunny so I could enjoy my lunch outdoors.

Coming up next at the DeYoung is the King Tut exhibit. Tickets are on sale now and it is a good idea to buy ahead as this will be a very popular show.

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mary ann said...

Sorry I missed you today, but it sounds like you really enjoyed the exhibit. I LOVE the scarf you bought and yes, great sale there. Now I'll have to try that salad.