Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today was the Walnut Creek Aquanuts annual Night of Champions synchronized swim show and fund raising auction.

Even though the event is now held in the afternoon, it retains its original name of "Night of Champions."

We rarely miss this show since the price of admission gives us lots of food from local restaurants, a great show, and a chance to shop while supporting the team.

I have a special place in my heart for the Aquanuts. They swim at the same pool where I work out with the Walnut Creek Masters Team. Over the years, I've gotten to know many of the synchro girls and am in awe of what amazing athletes they are. I am such a team "groupie" that I went to the Olympics in Atlanta (1996) just to be in the stands to cheer them on (the won Gold that year).

The team is now fairly young, since those swimmers from 1996 and 2002 have gone on to other pursuits, although several of them continue to coach the Aquanuts. So, there has not been any Olympic gold in awhile, but, the swimmers are performing well in other national and international competition, and, who knows what the next Olympics might bring?

The Night of Champions Show is their show where they perform for the public the routines that they have performed in recent competitions.

The swimmers are grouped by age, starting with 10 and Under and going up to the Seniors who are mostly high school or college age. Each group performed at least one number.

Mark Ibanez, sports reporter and anchor from KTVU Channel 2 was the auctioneer for the live auction. He has been the auctioneer for several years and has his special way of inspiring the highest possible bids, all to support the Aquanuts.

The weather was perfect for the show: sunny but not too warm. A delightful afternoon!

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mary ann said...

This is so interesting to me. I tried synchronized swimming once, thinking it would be easy. Ha! Nice post...