Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So, today was one of my "big" walk days, since I am not yet back on my bike. When I walk from home, I generally head to a shopping center about a mile and a half from home. There, I take a break at Peet's and head back home. Coming and going, there is not too much going on...just typical suburbia.

But, today was different. As I rounded the corner from my street, what did I see? Two big trucks from a company called Jet Mulch, spraying bark around my neighborhood's new droughtscape!

I must admit, I've been taking regular walks by this project which has been going on for more than a week. Our landscapers are removing grass in many areas and replacing it with drought-resistant plantings. Both the corners that lead into our neighborhood are experiencing the most dramatic changes...and they are looking very nice.

Given that Northern California is experiencing a serious water shortage, we could not keep lawns watered through another hot summer. The new droughtscape is a practical and beautiful solution.

In smaller areas within our neighborhood, the gardeners have been spreading the pine bark by hand, but for this bigger area, they brought in the big guns! JET MULCH!

From the truck, there is a long wide hose from which they blow the bark where it is needed.

As you can gather, I am amused by many things and spent awhile watching the process before continuing on to Peet's where I had my first Lime Ginger Green Tea Cooler of the season (they just brought this refreshing drink back on April 1!).

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