Monday, March 30, 2009


As a former New Englander, I get hankerings for Maine lobster or a traditional clam bake.

The other day, while I was shopping at my local Costco, I spotted Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.'s York Harbor Lobster Risotto on the frozen food shelves. I had to blink twice, not believing my eyes at first.

To back up a bit, over the years, I found that the best gifts I could send my Dad were edible ones. He loved to eat and enjoyed trying new foods. Since he too no longer lived in New England, occasionally I would splurge on a Lobster Stew or Lobster Bisque from Hancock Gourmet. And, it was a splurge. Their frozen foods are high quality, but very expensive. And then, most items require overnight shipping, which further adds to the price. Daddy loved the lobster dishes, but he didn't get them very often from me.

Personally, I never tried their products until tonight when I heated up my 2.5 pound casserole of York Harbor Lobster Risotto.

In anticipation of tonight's dinner, I checked Hancock's web site to find the same size Lobster Risotto selling for $59.00; I paid $19.95 at Costco.

Now, after dinner all I can say is OMG!! This is amazing...large chunks of real Maine lobster, a creamy cheese risotto, lots of mushrooms. It is topped with panko bread crumbs. The 2.5 pound container is said to serve 6 to 8. J and I each had second helpings and there is more than enough for dinner tomorrow. I served ours with oven roasted fresh's asparagus season in Northern California.

To serve 6 to 8 as a main course might be a stretch, but this container can easily satisfy 4 hungry people. And, for a first course, 6 to 8 would get generous servings.

I don't know if Hancock is test marketing this item at Costco, but I sure as heck am going to keep a package in my freezer ready for a scrumptious meal at home.

If you love Maine lobster, get thee to your Costco.

One more warning...if you go to Hancock's web site, you are going to be tempted. My sister, who lived in Maine for many years, still talks wistfully about Whoopie Pies, a traditional Maine dessert "sandwich" of chocolate cake cookies with vanilla cream filling. Hancock's sells them for $18 for 6, plus shipping of almost $24 (!!!).

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