Monday, March 2, 2009


Got up to sunshine and enjoyed it all day. Mostly I just enjoyed being warm and being in the sun. If this is not paradise, I don't know what is. The above and below photos are from right out our condo door.

I went to the fitness center, swam, sunned, read the LA Times at a leisurely pace, and then walked around downtown Palm Springs.

Unfortunately, I did take my photos with my camera but have discovered that I left the computer cable home...I think the Northern California rains have rotted my brain. So the rest of the week is going to be iPhone sorry...I'll keep taking camera photos and insert them next week. Thanks in advance for understanding.

Palm Canyon Drive, the main drag in downtown Palm Springs, looks pretty much the same.

As usual Oooh La La had its signature poodle out front and J had to say hello to it.

Former Mayor Sonny Bono has his eternal seat downtown in the Palm Springs Plaza.

What I especially enjoy about downtown Palm Springs is there are few chain stores and many unique shops.

Sadly, Mosaic, my favorite store where I always found a gift or some clothes or jewelry, is out of business. I spent some time in The Alley, the "junk" store where I always find treasures at bargain prices.

Today, our "finds" were a funny birthday card and a Solar Calculator.

Dinner was at Shame on the Moon, another of our favorites. The food is American...the menu is creative American comfort food, the prices a good value for a nice restaurant. I prefer seating in the Garden dining room which is quieter. We were able to get a cozy table there this evening. Shame on the Moon is celebrating its 25th season and even in our down economy, remains busy. Veal Meatloaf, Sauteed Calves Liver, Grilled Tilapia, Flank Steak, are just some of Shame's "classics" that are always on the menu and always delish!

I like Shame on the Moon because it combines elegance with fun. Just a look at the cover of the menu, with its fanciful cartoon, puts me in a cheerful mood.

Tonight, we both were intrigued by the evening's special...Veal Piccata with Angel Hair Pasta and Asparagus. That's what we ordered.

All meals come with soup or salad. J chose the evening's special soup, French Onion Soup.


My choice of starter was a mixed Green Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing.

The Veal was wonderful and the servings so generous, we simply could not indulge in our favorite dessert, the Peanut Butter Pie..good for our waistlines, but we missed having it...Next year...

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