Thursday, April 16, 2009


For longer than I can remember, Joseph Schmidt, the artistic, San Francisco based chocolatier was my favorite chocolate maker.

Many times during the year, I'd make special trips to his small shop on 16th Street in San Francisco, a few blocks from Mission Dolores. Each month, the windows of his shop would feature chocolate creations for either a holiday or season that occured during that month. Inside were handmade decorative paper boxes filled with his chocolates.

While most people know Joseph Schmidt's truffles, it was his Slicks that were my favorites...these thin chocolate disks with a thin layer of flavored filling in between, were a unique and special treat. At Christmas time, most of my gifts were boxes of Slicks.

Well, as with most things, times change.

A few years ago, Schmidt sold his business to Hershey's. He stayed on and oversaw the local production of his chocolates, but I certainly noticed that his store seemed to carry more packaged items and less of the chocolate sculptures and bowls and such.

Now, Hershey has decided to drop the Joseph Schmidt line completely!!!

At the end of June, his San Francisco store will close forever.

This week, I made one last visit. I stocked up on Slicks...enjoyed seeing a huge chocolate bunny and sadly, left what I consider a special San Francisco landmark.

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mary ann said...

Yes, I'm sad about this too. I used to love the boxes and decor as much as the product, didn't you?