Friday, February 12, 2010

Macworld 2010 is in San Francisco

It's a new new Macworld this year since Apple decided to no longer participate and several other big companies that make products for or in support of Apple products also withdrew.

But, this did not keep me, Joanne and most Apple faithful away from the show.

it's a much smaller show, occupying only Moscone North. About half the number of exhibitors as last year are present this year.

All the same, we had a great day and, in a way, enjoyed the show a lot more. For me it had some of the spirit of the Home Brew Computer shows in the later 1960s and intimate gathering of folks who loved the tech world.

And we got to spend more time with smaller vendors and actually found useful products to buy. On my recommendation, Joanne bought a Mophie Juice Pack, a battery backup and case for all models of iPhone that just about doubles the play time of the iPhone. The new version is lighter and comes in wonderful metallic colors, a nice improvement over my somewhat heavier one from about a year ago. Also, the prices of the Mophie have come down about 20% since I got mine and there is a big show discount too.

Several companies have begun producing accessories for the iPad. From the mockups of the iPad, I am surprised at how small it actually is. Here is a photo of a case from Targus in front of an iPad mockup.

I vote this booth the most striking. It looks like something that should be in the Museum of Modern Art.

The meeting space was crowded and it was standing room only for the ongoing presentations on the center stage in the middle of the North hall. Also, in another large room was an ongoing assortment of speakers and entertainment. We missed David Pogue first thing in the morning, but ended our day with Leo Laporte's chat with entertainers Heather Gold, Roger McGuinn, Adam Savage, and Warp 11. Some of them gave performances and all talked about their use of Apple Computers, many from way back when.

Geeky Comedian Heather Gold was very wry and funny. Roger McGuinn, folk singer and founder of the Byrds sang and told us that he has lots of free mp3s for download on his web site.

Adam Savage gave his insights into Ghostbusters.

Warp 11 really rocked the house.

Macworld ends tomorrow, February 13.

It will be back in San Francisco in 2011 January 25 -29. Can't wait!!

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