Sunday, August 16, 2009


If you go to the movies, even occasionally, you, no doubt, have seen the Fandango ads for ordering your tickets online in advance. The benefit of using Fandango is to assure getting into the screening of your choice and being able to bypass lines at the box office to purchase your tickets...just present your printed voucher and in you go.

Fandango charges $1 per ticket for its service. I've used it from time to time, particularly for very popular movies that I feared might sell out.

Since we go to the movies almost every week, a good portion of our entertainment budget goes to movie tickets. While I consider movies a bargain, even with full price adult tickets in the $10 range, I am always looking to save money.

Yesterday, when we were getting ready to see "Julie & Julia," I checked out the two-for-one ticket offer that Fandango is giving to Visa Signature credit card holders. I went to the special Fandango website link for Visa Signature (, entered information about my card and the location of the theatre I was going to, and, voila!, I was able to purchase two choice of adult, child, or senior...for the price on one, plus just one Fandango service charge! What a deal!

I don't believe that Visa Signature cards are particularly rare since two of the cards that I carry with me all the time are both Visa Signature.

By the way, "Julie & Julia" is WONDERFUL!! I have my "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" out and am pondering the Gateau of Crepes for an up and coming dessert at a special dinner. I promise you will leave this movie ready for a big meal and lots of butter!

Bon Appetit!

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Mort said...

Hello. Great deal.