Thursday, August 27, 2009


Picking up with my tale of our four days in Las Vegas at the end of June, we started our third day with some time at the Bellagio pools.

Since I like to swim laps, I needed to be at the pools at 8 a.m. when they open. This pool is the best pool for lap swimming and early in the morning it is not packed with adults and kids simply hanging out in the middle of the pool. Some afternoons I actually encountered groups gathered around rafts on which perched their cocktails, in the middle of the pool.

Later in the morning, we head off to M & M World, four stories of all things M & M.

On the way, we walked past the City Center project, which is well under way.

We always head for the top floor of M & M World first, and then work our way down. The top floor features the M & M race car and much of the merchandise is racing themed.

There is stuff to buy on every floor and judging from the number of people making large purchases, it seems the word of an economic downturn have not reached Las Vegas.

There is a very nice view of New York New York hotel and its Coney Island roller coaster from the upper floors of M & M World.

On the third floor is a small M & M museum and a theatre that shows an M & M movie in 3-D. The current movie is "I Lost my M in Vegas."

The second floor features dispensers of M & Ms in every imaginable color. You can create your own mixture or purchase mixtures in a variety of bags and decorative containers. Since Fourth of July was coming up, I bought a red, white, and blue mixture to bring as a hostess gift to our friends with whom we were spending the Fourth.

The first floor has more souvenir items...lots of jewelry and keychains...the kinds of things that you can buy quickly to take home as souvenirs.

By the time we left M & M World we were ready for lunch. Wanting to eat lightly, because we had a special afternoon treat planned, we stopped at the Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood.

Earl of Sandwich is a quick food place that is way above the average...large fresh sandwiches, salads, and soup, all at very reasonable prices, It is right inside the entrance to the hotel's Miracle Mile Shops, the south entrance, which is closest to M & M World. We both had tuna salads.

Back at the Bellagio, we checked out Jean Philippe, which sells French pastries, chocolates, crêpes, and light meals.

Knowing that we would be indulging in more food shortly, Jim had to be content to just look at the pastries.

The special treat of our afternoon was Afternoon Tea at Petrossian, also in the Bellagio. Jim has never had a formal afternoon tea but proposed it to celebrate a project I have been working on that relates to tea.

The table was set with fine China and Linen. We were served scones with lemon curd, clotted cream, whipped cream, and jams and jellies. We had several tea sandwiches. And, finished up with a selection of sweets. We each chose a variety of tea, and had our own tea pot of that tea. We relaxed over tea for several hours.

Having enjoyed our tea until about 5 p.m., we did not plan any dinner.

For the evening's entertainment, we partook of some of the free shows that go on outside the hotels.

We walked North on the Strip, enjoying the warm night and views of the hotels along the way.

I am not sure I have ever walked along the sidewalk in front of the Mirage, or not for a long time. I was delighted to discover an enormous sculptural tribute to Sigfried & Roy.

Also, I got to see the Venetian from the other side of the street...usually I am right in front of it.

Our first destination was the Pirate show at Treasure Island.

We then moved next door to the Mirage which has erupting volcanoes...we were on the back side of the volocano, close to the hotel entrance, but still saw a lot of fire and felt a lot of heat.

We took in the night lights and ducked into the Forum at Caesar's to cool off.

Back at the Bellagio, we made one final Café Gelato for a nightcap of Gelato.


Cindy Hamilton said...

Very fun to read about your recent visit to Las Vegas, Beverly. I love Vegas (and was also there in June...who knew!)

I always am sure to stop and visit the chocolate fountain at Jean Philippe. It's just mesmerizing.

Your blog is wonderful!

Jarka said...

Beverly, your Vegas posting is so wonderful - now I want to visit too!

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