Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Now, if the title of this post is confusing, I am not surprised.

Today's lunch with some of my Masters Swim Team buddies was arranged by Carol, who works with a lady who is from Afghanistan and who introduced Carol to Chopan Kabob.

Carol was so enthused about her dining experiences here, she suggested that the group of us, who lunch together from time to time, give it a try.

Believe me, I never would have discovered Chopan Kabob on my own, but, then, many of my best discoveries are, in fact, from hearing about them from friends and associates. Just about all the other businesses in this strip mall in Concord are Latin businesses.

Chopan Kabob is open daily for lunch and dinner.

We relied on Carol for our menu choices, which we shared. Five of us ate abundantly (we work out and have good appetites, you know) and we still had food to take home. The entire meal, with tax and tip cost us $10 per person.

We started with a full order of Bolani. There are two Bolani on the menu...one warm thin flatbread stuffed with mashed potato, green onions and herbs (Bolani Kachaloo) and another stuffed with leeks and herbs (Bolani Gandana). We asked if we could have all the fillings combined into one order of Bolani and the kitchen prepared it for us.

As you can see, this order could have served 10 of us for an appetizer. I suggest ordering the Personal Bolani, a smaller order, if you are dining with just one other person or alone.

The Bolani was served with a Yogurt sauce.

We then enjoyed three different Kabobs: Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Seekh (ground lamb), and Beef Teka (marinated beef). The three kabobs were served in a hot skillet.

To go with it, was a fresh tomato and onion salad, rice, and flat bread. The Lamb Seekh Kabob was the table's favorite, but we enjoyed everything.

Thanks, Carol, for arranging this special lunch.

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