Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Every March, we go head to Palm Springs for a week of relaxation and, usually, warmth. Last week was our week and it was a perfect one. This it the first of several posts on what we did and where we went. Each year, we have old favorite places to which we return and new discoveries to make.

Just about every house and hotel/inn has a pool. I've heard that there are more swimming pools in the Palm Springs area than in anywhere else in the United States. The temperatures in March are in the 80s during the day and I got in plenty of pool time. This is the pool where we stay:

Something we do every year is go the the PALM SPRINGS FOLLIES
This year marks the 17th year of this amazing three-hour review in which all the performers are over 50 years old. Many of the women have been Las Vegas show girls or Rockettes; the men have performed in Broadway shows...all very talented and lively even at as old as 84!

The Follies are modeled after the Zigfield Follies and MC Riff Markowitz keeps the show moving along with his irreverent comments and is a delight! The show always ends on a serious note, with a tribute to those in the audience who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Each year there is a new theme and, in addition to the company of dancers and entertainers, there is always a guest star..the current guest star is Melba Moore.

On our first night in town, we met friends from Winnepeg, who winter in Palm Springs, for dinner at John Henry's. I've heard about John Henry's for years, mainly from locals, but had never dined here. It turned out to be our favorite restaurant in a week of dinners out. A small restaurant, with most of its seating on an outdoor patio (yes, there are heaters for cool desert nights), it is easy to pass by the driveways to the small parking area...the restaurant is on East Tahquitz Canyon Way, not far from the airport and just behind the Jensen's grocery store. Our main courses include Hawaian Opah for me, Lake Superior White Fish for the two men, and Roast Chicken for my friend Marjorie. Included in the price of the entree, is a salad...the day's special salad of Warm Eggplant and diced Tomatoes was superb.
Although our meals were filling, we found room to share a serving of Apple Pie and Ice Cream which was more than enough for the four of us. Price are very reasonable at John Henry's...most entrees are about $20; our wine was about the same price for a bottle of a very nice California Cabernet. Next year, John Henry's is at the top of my list.


Anonymous said...

Love your photos of Palm Springs...makes me want to head out there (away from rainy New England!) right away. Looking forward to more...Caitlin

mary ann said...

Well, you had beautiful weather too. Nice post, Bev, thanks for the info.