Friday, March 28, 2008

Lobster Rolls with HG

Got together with HG this week while she is home on Spring Break. I suggested that we lunch at the new Yankee Pier that opened in Lafayette CA in January.
I've been a fan of Yankee Pier since chef Bradley Ogden opened his first San Francisco Bay Area New England-style fish house, several years ago in Larkspur CA.
As a former New Englander, I cannot pass up the Lobster Roll...a marvelous lobster salad sandwich, made with freshly-boiled Maine Lobster. The cold salad mixture is simple...a bit of mayonnaise and chopped pickle. It is packed into a warm, just-griddled top-loading hot dog bun and served in a paper-lined basket with housemade potato chips and cole slaw. Every time I have one, I think I am back in Maine...what brings me back to reality is that the servers don't have New England accents!!!
t any rate, HG has never had a Lobster Roll and my enthusiasm convinced her that she, too, had to try one. She came to the restaurant thinking Fish and Chips...also a good choice...but was easily persuaded.

We finished off this lovely lunch with a shared order of warm fresh fruit Crisp topped with a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream.

In the rare instance that I don't order a Lobster Roll at Yankee Pier, I choose the Fried Ipswich Clams...another authentic New England dish.

The one down side to the Lobster Roll is its $19.95, I only indulge occasionally.

Yankee Pier features a wide selection of fish, prepared numerous ways...also salads and even a burger, steak and chicken for non-fish eaters who get dragged here with people like me, who am always up for really good fresh fish.

During lunch the other day, the manager stopped by our table to chat. With this restaurant being just a few months old, he is still trying to figure out how much fish to order for each day...some days he does run out of items before the restaurant closes.

Other Yankee Pier locations are in Larkspur, San Jose at Santana Row, and in the United Terminal at San Francisco International Airport.

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mary ann said...

We also enjoyed this restaurant at Santana Row and wish we had one in the SF.