Monday, March 24, 2008


The Palm Springs Desert Museum features Western American and Contemporary Art. In the past year, it has undergone major was always lovely and interesting, but now it is even more so.

Entering the Museum, we were greeted by the very large Your Dog by Japanese Sculptor Yoshitomo Nara. This fiberglass dog is one of Nara's largest and most famous works of art. I fell in love with him...he will be on display at the Museum indefinitely.
Although we visit the Museum every year, this year, we decided to take the one-hour docent overview tour. Not only did we learn about all the new changes in the Museum, but we also were made aware of details and information about art works with which we were already family...I highly recommend a docent tour, if you have the time.

Another intriguing new work in the Museum is Patrick Dougherty’s Second Sight. Dougherty and numerous volunteers and Museum staff spent the month of July, 2007 creating this site-specific installation from willow and poplar saplings, sticks, and branches. The three pieces that were created are inspired by the Apache and Cahuilla Indian woven baskets that are part of the Museum's collection. These huge basket-like works are so large that they span two stories of the Museum. They have entrances into which you can walk. Our docent told us that there have been wedding ceremonies held in the sculputures. Learn more about Second Sight and Dougherty's other installations: Patrick Dougherty.

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