Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Find My iPhone

We drove the almost-500 miles to the California desert today, leaving home at 6:30 a.m. and reaching our destination at about 3:30 p.m.

Our first stop was for coffee and a snack at a McDonald's off Highway 5, after a few hours on the road.

Then, it was back in the car and on the road.

About a mile down the road, with me driving, Jim shouts that he doesn't have his iPhone!!! He'd been using it in McDonald's but doesn't know what happened to it and must have left it on the table or in the restroom!

So, I drove another mile or so to the next exit, turned around, and raced back to McDonald's. Inside, no one knew anything of a lost iPhone. We looked around, asked a group of teens outside, asked in the adjacent gas station....no iPhone.

I called his phone a few times and my calls went to voice mail. No one answered.

Then, I said, "Get out your iPad and let's use Find iPhone, an app that comes on all iPads and iPhones which can locate all your registered Apple mobile devices. It will also reside on your computers.

Find iPhone immediately located Jim's iPhone, right at the McDonald's where we were. I then let the app sound an alarm on his iPhone; it's a very loud long alarm. Jim was back inside listening and, the end of this frightening story is that he found his iPhone!!!

Where was it? In a trash can where we had dumped our trash after we ate.

How did this happen?

JIm lost the case in which he carries his iPhone and decided to put it in the yellow plastic bag that his Egg McMuffin was wrapped in. Then, when we were putting all our wrappers on our tray to throw away, he inadvertently put the bag of iPhone there too.

All's well that ends well and all we lost was about half an hour of travel time.

ADVICE TO ALL IPHONE AND IPAD OWNERS: Register your devices and make sure you have Find iPhone on them and on all your desktop and laptop computers. It will work as long as your devices are on, even with sound muted. If your device is off, the alarm won't work until the device is turned on, but it will work. And, if your device is truly missing or stolen, you can either lock it or erase it, remotely from whatever device you use to locate it.

Oh, and about the 26' sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, called "Forever Marilyn," which greeted us as we drove through downtown Palm Springs, she's the work of American artist Seward Johnson. She arrived in Palm Springs last May and is located at the corner of two main streets, Palm Canyon & Tahquitz Canyon, in the heart of downtown Palm Springs.

Marilyn is said to have been "discovered" in Palm Springs and now she's back, gracing the corner of what will be a major revitalization of downtown Palm Springs.

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Mort said...

I did something worse in Truckee on the corner across the street from Moody's. Had some trash for the container on that corner. With car and house keys in my hand holding the trash, I tossed everything into the trash containerand this included the keys. Walking about one block west, I suddenly realized what I had done, Rushing back to the container, I found my keys at the top of the trash container!