Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Tea Culture" has a Little Sister!

Exciting news!

My book on tea in modern day culture, has just been published in a paperback version after enjoying nearly two years exclusively as a hardcover book.

I'm proud and excited about "Tea Culture's" little sister.

I know it will be showing up in bookstores and online soon, if not already. For the past several months, has been taking pre-orders on the paperback version. For now, Amazon is selling off its remaining inventory of hardcover books (4 copies left) at an amazingly low price of $6.82! This price is significantly lower than what I pay for the copies I buy from my publisher for my personal resale. The paperback copy retails for $12.95, $11.01 on

While the quality of the paperback version is excellent, I personally prefer the hardcover.

So, if you are looking for a Valentine's Gift, a coffee table book for yourself, an extra copy for your cookbook shelf (there are over 30 recipes) or just want to stock up on hostess gifts, I suggest ordering the hardcover from (this is the link to the book). This is a real deal!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I am ordering some paperback copies for gifts, mainly to close friends. Personally, I love this book for what it has taught me, such as knowing about and sipping white tea!

Anonymous said...

This is Mort, otherwise known as Anonymous in the preceding post.

mary ann said...