Monday, January 16, 2012

Lobster for the price of the year

It's that time of year again at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club: For the entire month of January, the Yacht Club is offering a Lobster entree: Pound and a Half Lobster, boiled or grilled, with coleslaw and French Fries...for the price of this year. There are no substitutions, but for $20.12, who can complain?

Walnut Creek Yacht Club serves the freshest and tastiest seafood that I can find in most of the Bay Area.

For those who want lobster, you must order your lobster at least a day ahead. The Yacht Club does not have a lobster tank and needs to arrange with its supplier to deliver what they need each day.

And, if some in your party do not want lobster in January, the entire menu is being served as well.

The menu changes daily depending of what fresh fish arrives that day.

Five of us dined on lobster at the Yacht Club this weekend.

All but Mary Ann decided to have our lobsters grilled. None of us had ever had grilled lobster's a bit drier and has a smokey flavor. I enjoyed mine but was frustrated that the little tentacles that have tiny morsels of meat in them were too burned to leave any meat. Those who don't dig out every drop of lobster meat actually preferred the grilled lobster.

The Yacht Club is open every day except Sunday for lunch and dinner...remember, January is half over and after that, you will be paying market price for your lobster dinner (still worth it but, this is a very special deal).

A Note on the Photos: Much as I love my iPhone, its camera does not give as good results as my "real" digital camera, particularly for photos in low light. But, that's all I had with me the other evening. My apologies for the grainyness and the greenish hue.

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