Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Transition Day

Today was the day that we transitioned from the natural canyons of Zion to the artificial " canyons" of Las Vegas.

We did one last hike to the lower Emerald Pool before leaving the park. As we hiked, we had waterfalls dripping down on plant-filled rock walls on one side and a deep canyon with a pool of water on the other. Very dramatic..

And, as we were moving out of our room, the local wildlife bid us adieu!

171 miles later, we were in Las Vegas at our new home, The Bellagio. As I write this in the evening, the temperature outdoors is 100 degrees.

This afternoon, to stay comfortable, we stayed mostly indoors.

The floral display in the Bellagio's conservatory is their Fourth of July exhibit. This year it has a carnival theme.

After exploring the Bellagio's lobby and losing a little money at the slot machines, we took the free tram over to the Aria hotel and Crystals shopping center in the new City Center. The City Center's public art is amazing and includes a real Henry Moore sculpture.

The architecture is a bit confusing...a modern array of asymmetric forms.

We also took a look at the new Vdara hotel which has a Frank Stella over its reception area and which has no casino at all. It's a big hotel but the lobby feels cozy.

Tomorrow, we have some time at our pools in mind as well as more exploring in City Center.

Also, I'll report on tonight's dinner ar Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris, my favorite Las Vegas restaurant.

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