Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Palm Springs Days 2 & 3; Life is good

Amazing how a bit of sun and warmth can change one's perspective...no need to rush, do what you want, eat when you want, and on and on. I guess this can be said for any vacation away from home, but the added warmth and sunshine here in the desert makes it especially wonderful.

This is what morning looked like Monday. It was a bit windy so the palm trees were swaying but it didn't keep us from our morning swims, walks, and sun bathing.

After lunch, we walked into town to check out the shops. I always take a picture of Jim by the pink poodle at Oooh La La.

Marcia & Charlie came into town for a few days of golf and dinners with us.

We went to Shame on the Moon for their first night.

As always, our meal was perfection and we were lucky enough to be seated in the Garden Room, our favorite dining room...ask when you reserve and usually they can accommodate you.

Charlie loved his meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

Jim had his once-a-year Liver and Bacon.

Marcia chose the Shrimp and Scallops which were as good as they were beautiful.

And, I had the evening's fish special of Halibut.

For dessert we shared Ice Cream with fresh Fruit and Grand Marnier and a small serving of Brownie with Ice Cream. I got so involved with eating dessert that I forgot to take a picture. You will have to imagine how good they were.

The menu at Shame on the Moon stays pretty much the same from year to year. Entrées are served with your choice of soup or salad. Prices are extremely reasonable; servings are generous. They have a winning formula, for sure.

Tuesday, we headed to Palm Desert to shop and to go to art galleries on El Paseo.

El Paseo is sort of this desert's version of Rodeo Drive, with many exclusive shops and galleries. It's not as ostentatious but it is the most elegant and exclusive shopping area down here.

I always go through the entire Saks Fifth Avenue store here and then move on to some of the smaller shops.

And, we always have lunch at Tommy Bahama, sitting on their outdoor patio, if possible.

Today we had a nice patio table and enjoyed a Cuban Sandwich for me

and a the Fresh Fish Sandwich for Jim.

While waiting for our meals, I ate so much of the warm bread with butter flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and honey that I could only eat half my sandwich.

A newcomer to El Paseo since our last year's visit is this area's first Apple Store.

Of course I had to stop in to pay hommage for my favorite computer company. Jim played with the "old" iPads on display...an aside on this is that as I write this post on 3/11/11, three days after our shopping day, the new iPad went on sale this evening at 5 p.m. When we drove by the store today at about 3 p.m., there was a significant line of people camping out on the sidewalk waiting to buy the new IPad.

Jim discovered a Teavana store where we sampled several different kinds of tea.

He then sat down on a bench in front of Saks for a visit with Albert Einstein.

Our favorite El Paseo art gallery is Coda which features works by many unique artists. The gallery rambles through many rooms and is a perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of fine art.

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