Sunday, March 6, 2011

From Rain and cool to Sun and warm: It's Palm Springs again!

We left the house a bit before 7 a.m. It was raining and it did rain for several more hours as we drove south and east to Palm Springs. Eight hours and two food/pit stops later, we were in Palm Springs for our annual not-long-enough visit. It's warm and clear here and I'm hoping to relax and acquire enough of a sun tan so I won't look like I've been hiding under a rock for several months.

This rainy cold winter has been pretty horrid, in my estimation...even in Northern California. I'm ready for a hot sunny desert.

After a run through a local Trader Joe's for food for breakfasts and a few lunches while we are here, we got settled in our bungalow and then headed out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place, El Mirasol.

El Mirasol is a bit off the beaten path in Palm Springs and very popular with the locals.

As always, it was packed tonight, both inside in its two dining rooms and outside on its sidewalk patio.

After a day of driving, their simple guacamole and a Pacifico beer hit the spot. The guacamole is pretty much, fresh avocado scooped into a bowl and mixed with chopped tomato.

During our week in Palm Springs, we try to eat at El Mirasol at least twice.

Tonight we both had a combination of scallops and prawns in Pipian sauce. Pipian sauce is a pumpkin seed sauce with ancient Mexican origins. The chefs at El Mirasol make it fresh daily; we try to get here early in the evening to assure they haven't run out of Pipian. The menu features either Chicken or Prawns in Pipian. I asked our server if they had scallops tonight and she checked the kitchen and told us they had both scallops and mahi mahi. I like the combination of scallops and prawns in the Pipian and that's what Jim and I both ordered. Very delicious and a super first night dinner.

El Mirasol is open for lunch and dinner; reservations are not accepted. Get here early for the Pipian sauce. And be sure to ask about any fish that is not on the menu; they'll create any combination of ingredients you desire.


mary ann said...

have a great time!

pmcg said...

Bev, you'll need to try Memo's in Concord. They have traditional dishes in Pipian.