Thursday, September 3, 2009


With the Labor Day Weekend coming up, many people are planning their last barbecues of summer.

If stoking up the fire is not your thing, but you are hungering for a tasty burger, give The Counter a try.

Jim and I stopped here the other night, after a movie.

We each "built" our burger, choosing toppings, cheese, sauces, and bread or no bread. Jim went for the burger on a bed of greens;

I had mine on an English Muffin...a great choice because the muffin is sturdy enough to hold together even with the messiest of burgers. We both opted for the 1/3 pound (the smallest they offer) Turkey burger and then garnished our burgers with entirely different selections. Other burger choices are beef, chicken, and veggie.

We munched on an order of half onion strings and half sweet potato fries.

Jim took the leftover onion strings home and enjoyed them the next day with his lunch...he said they still tasted yummy.

One of these days, I want to try one of The Counter's ice cream floats or far, through many visits, I eat too much beforehand and just can't do it...guess I'll just have to stop in just for that Root Beer Float, and forget about a burger.

The Counter has about a dozen locations in California and at least one in Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, North Carolina, Utah, Virginia and out of the United States in Ireland and Australia. Check their web site for exact locations.


mary ann said...

I just had breakfast and now I'm hungry again. Yum!

Paul E. said...

I rarely disagree with your recommendations, but I have been there three times- twice with clients who wanted to try it out, and once with a friend.

None of us liked it. For me, the best hamburger in WC is Hollywood Burger, which now also has milkshakes.