Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I joined Freecycle earlier this year on the recommendation of my friend Joanne who has been acquiring wonderful items from people who wish to discard them.

Here's what Freecycle is: It's a Yahoo Group where people offer and ask for goods and services. The main "rule" is that everything is FREE!

As a participant, you must join a group in a particular location. I've joined the group in my community.There is no charge to join Freecycle. The easiest way to join Freecycle is to click on the link I've included in this post.

Once a member, you will receive emails with recent can decide how often you want to receive emails. If you see something listed that you can use or you have somethng that is being requested, you can contact the person making the listing listing to arrange the exchange.

As a member of Freecycle you can post your own wants and needs.

This weekend I posted a "Want" for bubble wrap. Within 24 hours, I had received two responses. The lovely photo at the top of this post is of my car trunk filled with bubble wrap from just one generous person who was delighted to be able to clean our her closet. She even threw in a bag of styrofoam "popcorn," another packing material that I never have enough of.

How I love Freecycle!!

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mary ann said...

So wonderful! Thanks for the link...