Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm a regular at the Sunday Walnut Creek Farmer's Market. I have my favorite strawberry, peach, lettuce, English peas, apple, and flower vendors. Most of the vendors know me by name, as I do them. And, we know about one another's families, health, babies, birthdays and more. There are friends whom I meet regularly at Market and others whom I run into occasionally. I always stop to chat with Keith the Market manager and Barbara the nutritionist who makes amazing Pluot jam. My Sunday Farmer's Market is part of my extended family.

BUT, that could all change, starting with last Saturday when a second Farmer's Market, managed by a different Farmer's Market group opened in Walnut Creek in the Shadelands office complex.

Out of curiosity, J, Louie and I went over there, not know what to expect.

Well, we were surprised and delighted! This Market is in the parking lot of a portion of the complex where Kaiser Hospital has many offices. There is plentiful parking right there too. As with the Saturday Market, no dogs are allowed; Louie was disappointed but got lots of looking and tasting done from the sidelines.

And the Market itself is big and appealing. A few of my favorites like Hamada and Swank are there along with lots of new vendors. There is even a local winemaker being represented. The place was packed this past Saturday and everyone seemed happy.

Not wanting to be unfaithful to my regular Market, I only bought a few things...some fresh flowers, a smoked salmon spread, some peaches and a celery. And, oh, those amazing cherries! Hard to resist!

Sunday I went to my regular market which looked a bit lackluster after that brilliant Saturday Market.

I suspect there will be enough fresh produce, flowers, fish, meat, baked goods and more to fill both markets and enough customers from both Walnut Creek and neighboring communities to keep them in business.

As for me, I will continue to try to remain faithful to Sunday Market, but I know full well, I'll be popping over to the Saturday Market as well. And, it will be really handy for those Saturdays when I am having dinner parties and need fresh produce and flowers for that evening.

I am glad that the choice of which Market to shop at is my biggest dilemma at the moment. We should all be so lucky.


Tom said...

Bev - Am so happy you posted photos. I had planned to go, told everyone about it, and forgot all about it.
Tom B

Paul E. said...

Have you tried the wine?

I just bought my second three pack for $45 including tax, a real bargain.

Aimee, Anton and I share a bottle of wine every Friday night, and we all thought the wine was great, especially for the price.

I will take another three pack when we visit my son Sam in Temecula over Memorial Day. While there, I will replenish my stock of Temecula wines at Longshadow Ranch. They have wonderful wines (to my taste, at least), and are only available in Temecula.

Marcia and I are at the Shadelands Farmers Market every Saturday, and Aimee and the kids also come along often. The strawberries have been phenomenal this year, and the flavored almonds are a real treat.