Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I get my hair cut next door to El Jarro, a Mexican café in Lafayette, CA. (3563 Mt. Diablo Blvd; 925-283-6639).

In the few years that El Jarro has been open, I often consider timing my hair appointments around lunch here. It was not until today that I finally tried El Jarro.

My stylist recommended the Tilapia Vera Cruz, the manicurists love the Mexican Torta Sandwiches. I was advised to not order burritos, enchiladas or tacos because the specialities of El Jarro are the authentic dishes of Southerm Mexico.

The woman who was having her hair cut after me, arrived for her appointment with Sopas from El Jarro...they looked deliciuos and this is what I ordered...what is offered on the menu gives a choice of Chorizo or Chicken as the main filling. I've been told you can ask for custom creations; the woman at the hair salon had Carnitas on her Sopas.

I decided to order off the menu, choosing the Chorizo. My serving consisted of two fried tortilla shells, each about the size of an English Muffin, filled with Chorizo, shredded lettuce, and Mexican cheese. On the side was sour cream and spicy red sauce. At $7.50 the serving, this was more than enough for one hungry person.

The one thing that I would have liked with my lunch was some Agua Fresca, the Mexican fresh fruit drink. El Jarro does not offer such. Instead I had a glass of orange juice, which was a refreshing balance to my spicy dish, but watermelon or strawberry Agua Fresca would have really hit the spot.

The one Mexican non-alcoholic beverage that they serve is Horchata, a drink made with almonds, rice milk, cinnamon, sugar and lime. Next time that's what I will order.

And, there will be a next time. Looking around the small dining room, I observed that the Tortilla soup was very popular. Also at many tables were the Tortas, sandwiches in thick soft Mexican buns, filled with meat, avocado, cheese and more. A customer near me ordered a single taco with Spicy Chicken.

I will be back in 6 weeks, if not sooner...6 weeks is my next hair appointment.

Oh, El Jarro has an enclosed back patio and a few outdoor seats in front on the side walk. It has private free off street parking in the back too.

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