Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, that's a lobster dinner you see here. And, yes, it is 2009. What's the connection?

Once a year, Walnut Creek Yacht Club, certainly the best seafood restaurant in Contra Costa County, and maybe the entire San Francisco Bay Area, features a lobster dinner for the cost of the year. So, for $20.09, during the month of January, that's the price.

It's at least a 1 1/4 pound lobster, boiled or grilled, served with French Fries, Cole Slaw, and drawn butter. We went last week and I am sure our lobsters weighed more than a pound and a half.

Since the Yacht Club gets its fish fresh every day and does not have a lobster tank, it is essential to order your lobster at least a day ahead. Of course, if lobster is not your thing, the Yacht Club has many fresh fish selections each day...everything is wonderful here.

To start, I suggest the Clam Chowder which is the best I've tasted west of Maine.

Just another 10 days for the $20.09 lobster, so make a reservation. Remember, next year, the price will be $20.10. And, for the rest of the year, a lobster is priced at market price.


mary ann said...

What a great deal ~ wowza!

Unknown said...

We got a reservation on the last day- Saturday January 31. at 5:30, and every seat in the place was taken. The food was great and the service was really outstanding, under the circumstances- efficient but not rushed, and the waiver was very knowledgeable.

We both had the lobster, of course. I had the chowder which was great, and M had the squash soup which she also liked a lot.

Thanks for the recommendation- so glad we didn't miss it.

P & M

Anonymous said...

I hope that Eccolo repeats that lobster with friend artichokes item on its menu. I can never resist the Acme bread there too. If you ever come this way, I want to place an order for those barbecue ribs too!