Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days in San Francisco that make tourists wish they lived here. It was also the kind of day that makes tourists think that every summer day in the City is warm and sunny...not the case as we locals know all too well. We are the ones who know to carry a jacket or sweater with us always when in San Francisco during the Summer months. On most Summer days we know the tourists as the ones walking around enjoying the sights while shivering in their shorts or huddling in the new sweatshirt that they just purchased from a street vendor.

All told, yesterday was a treat, with nary a wisp of fog and balmy temperatures.

My first stop, right off the BART train at the Powell Street station was at the San Francisco Centre where I can walk directly into the lower level Food Emporium.

I always dash through Bristol Farms to see what tempting gift and tabletop items they have and to check out their prepared foods and fresh meat, fish, poultry, and produce for something to pick up for dinner, before heading home.

If time permits, I walk the length of the Food Emporium into Bloomingdale's...just in case there is something in the store that I can't do without.

Yesterday, I was in a bit of a rush, with a morning appointment near Union Square and then an afternoon planned at the new Contemporary Jewish Museum (see my blog post following this post for a look at the Contemporary Jewish).

A little after noon, when I was finished with my appointment, Union Square was bustling with the lunchtime crowd. At each of its four corners are oversized hearts from the Hearts in San Francisco exhibit that filled San Francisco a few years ago. The Hearts on display change from time to time. No matter which ones are there, they always make me smile and I always stop to enjoy them.

The one restaurant in Union Square is Rulli where on a day like yesterday, the outdoor tables are the place for lunch.

There is FREE WiFi in Union Square, another attraction to tourists and locals, as well, who want to check their email or stock prices while enjoying the sunshine and a bite to eat.

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