Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The weather is warm all over the Bay Area today. It is also the last day of J's and my project in Berkeley. This means it is the last day, after 10 weeks, of regular breakfasts and lunches together in the North Berkeley neighborhood that we have adopted.

Taking advantage of the balmy weather, even at 8 a.m., we started out day with Coffee and Beignets at Café Fanny.

Since our waistlines seem to have expanded a bit with all our yummy Berkeley meals, we decided to share a single serving of the Beignets. There are two of these puffy fried dough pastries in a serving. They are served with a ramekin of delicious fruit conserve. No problem sitting at the outdoor tables today; it was warm.

When it came time for lunch, we returned to Café Leila ((1724 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley)), where we enjoyed sandwiches on the outdoor patio.

I had the Amazing Tuna Melt, my favorite, and J chose a Chicken Club. Both good and,

with a light breeze coming across the patio, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch.

One other note, as I write this post, there is a nationwide warning about eating raw tomatoes...seems many have contracted Salmonella poisoning. Just to be on the safe side, Café Leila is not preparing any of its dishes with fresh tomotoes...most sandwiches usually included tomatoes, but not today.

To read more about our Café Fanny and Café Leila experiences, check out blog index for past posts on both of these Berkeley restaurants.

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