Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Lunch at Café Leila

Café Leila (1724 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley) is growing on me. I have yet to try their Oatmeal Pancakes, but I've been diligently working my way through their breakfast pastries. I gave the Cranberry Walnut Scone a try last week, but, today I was back to the Crumb Coffee's my favorite and I justify the indulgence by only eating half my slice and saving the other half for the next day. The Scones are good but not as sweet as I like...for my taste, good, but not perfect. Today's Muffin du jour was Banana Walnut and J liked hers so much that she did not offer me even a tiny taste.

Then, it was time for lunch and back we came. We both ordered from the Breakfast menu for Lunch.

The Bagel with Cream Cheese and Wild Smoked Salmon for J and Leila's Omelet for me.

Leila's Omelet is filled with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. All omelets are served with toast, home fries, and fresh fruit...a very complete meal.

I had to ask who Leila, the café's namesake is...she's owner Moses's mother. Always nice to have a tribute to Mom, which is part of what makes Café Leila such a comfortable place to hang out...customers are treated like guests in the home of friends or family. Today it was sunny and warm on the back garden patio...several customers had their dogs and children with them.

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mary ann said...

I just had breakfast and I'm hungry again after reading this review!