Friday, February 15, 2008

Why a blog?

Welcome to the Where-To-Guide blog!

Why a blog? Well, we already have a web site at but quick updates just don't seem to happen.

We are using the blog to tell you about our travels, our dining experiences, and to give shopping tips.  

Our main focus is on the San Francisco California Bay Area. From time to time, we travel out of the area and, when we do, we will share our experiences with you.

Enjoy the Where-To-Guide blog!


royfidler said...

An idea whose time has come! I've enjoyed your Where-to Guide so much for over 20 years, and followed so many of your recommendations... by combining your explorations and write-ups with your hi-tech know-how, makes this blog a natural!

Sally said...

What a GREAT idea! So glad to read about all the fun you are having.

Sally Bernstein
Editor in Chief
Since 1994

mary said...

Love the pictures to your Where-To-Guide blog. They make you experiences so REAL.