Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner at Le Cheval before Nixon's Nixon

Last night we met two friends for dinner at Le Cheval in Walnut Creek before going to see Nixon's Nixon at the Dean Lesher Regional Center for Arts (DLRC). 
I've long been a fan of Le Cheval in downtown Oakland. When this popular Vietnamese restaurant opened a branch in Walnut Creek, I was both ecstastic and apprehensive. When restaurants expand into areas where the population is a bit different from their original locations, they do not always catch on.
The Walnut Creek Le Cheval was an instant success. My first visit was during the first week they opened last summer...the place was packed. And, it has continued to thrive. Last night, we started with the Watercress Salad with Grilled Prawns. Our other dishes were the Claypot Rice, Vietnamese Fried Rice cooked in a clay pot with chicken, prawns, beef and vegetables.
We also had Lemongrass Chicken, Green Beans, and a Crispy Bird's Nest, filled with seafood, chicken and vegetables.
With our meal, we drank a bottle of Ventana Riesling...a tart, dry Riesling that is delicious with the complex flavors of the food.  The cost of this satisfying meal for four? $85 before tip!!!
The Walnut Creek Le Cheval has a more elegant dining room than that in Oakland...I like them both. What is most important to me, regardless of which one I dine in is that the food is fresh, well-prepared and moderately priced.
Oh, and about the show afterwards...Nixon's Nixon is a hypothetical conversation between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger on the eve of Nixon's resignation as president of the United States. The two main characters are on stage for 90 minutes of fascinating brought back a lot of memories.  It continues to play at the DLRC until March 1...if you can't make it to Walnut Creek, look for it in your own location theatres. 

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mary ann said...

Oh, your meal looks enticing and now I too want to see this Nixon play.