Monday, February 13, 2017

Momo's Walnut Creek is Open!

The exciting news for me is that today is the official opening of Momo's in Walnut Creek.

Momo's has been one of my favorite San Francisco restaurants since it opened across from AT&T Park in 1998, even before AT&T Park was completed (in 2000). It was one of the first restaurants in that neighborhood.

Momo's has thrived, under the direction of owner Peter Osborne.

Today I broke my usual rule of waiting a few weeks, at least, before checking out a new restaurant. Jim and I had an early Valentine's Day lunch at the new Walnut Creek location today.  Reservations can be made on Yelp Reservations or by calling the restaurant directly.

At Noon, the restaurant was bustling with a lunch crowd that looked to be made up of about half local business people and half locals, like myself.

My best description of the restaurant is "elegance, with a bit of sports bar."  Several TVs throughout the dining room broadcast sports and sports news.  But, the dining room and bar have the feel of a casual upper-scale dining spot.  There are electrical outlets on the walls along the windows and the walls separating the dining room from the kitchen area, making it easy to charge your mobile device or laptop, should you be doing business while dining or just in need of a battery charge.

Jim had the Roast Chicken Cobb Salad. We shared an order of Onion Strings.

My choice was the Rock Fish Tacos.

For dessert, we shared the Deep Dish Key Lime Pie.

To my delight, not only was the food tasty and reasonably priced for such an attractive dining spot, but, the service was outstanding.

Food was prepared in a timely manner.  Our Onion Strings were served to us first, as I requested. Our main courses were served promptly, but at the perfect interval after we'd been munching on our Onion Strings for awhile.

Water was refilled regularly and Jim was offered refills on his coffee even before he thought to ask for such.

I appreciate Momo's Walnut Creek's attention to details.  Their choice of dishes, Tria's "Wish" pattern, adds to the elegance of the dining experience.

Owner Peter Osborne was there, overseeing the dining room and kitchen and meeting those of us who had come to dine.  He and his wife, Janet, were beaming like new parents.

I'll be back to Momo's Walnut Creek, very soon.

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