Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tale of Courage & Determination

A few months ago, our landscapers, with my permission, redid the planted strip between my driveway and that of the house next door.

The reason they asked for my permission was that, over the years, I had planted hundreds of flower bulbs and set up planter pots filled with flowers among the rather ugly decades-old green plants that were originally planted there.

Flowers make me happy and growing them in my yards keeps me both happy and somewhat sane.

So, because the landscapers know how much I value and dote on my flowers, they were kind enough to get my permission to pull out and plow under years worth of daffodil bulbs, irises, and numerous other flowers.

So, I now have a very beautiful and updated area between the driveways. Some of the new plants have little flowers and some of the bulbs that got plowed under are trying to revive themselves.

Trying to keep the new landscape looking good, just about every day, I pull out leaves from tiny bulbs who are trying their best to return. I really want to give this new landscape a good chance to get established and to thrive.

But, about a week ago, I noticed the California Poppy that is pictured at the beginning of this post. Somehow, he had escaped my daily checkups and was determined enough to forge ahead and to get to the point of flowering.

I'm leaving him where he is and wishing him well. I smile every time I pass him by. And, I admire his determination to keep growing and his ingenuity in camouflaging himself so well under a low-growing Rosemary that I didn't take notice of him until he had his gorgeous flowers to show off.

Keep growing little Poppy; I will now protect you.

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Mort said...

If you can't trust a plant, who can you trust.