Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Jimmy Buffett came through town this past weekend for his annual show in the Bay Area. This year's tour is called "Under The Big Top"

As always Jimmy was in great form, even though it was drizzling through part of the show (not on Jimmy though, but certainly on us) and it was cold enough out that Jimmy was wearing jeans rather than his usual shorts...the man is no fool at 62, almost 63!

And, the Giants won on Saturday night, too...right before the concert started. In fact, Jimmy came out on stage in a Giants Jacket to tell us the good news.

So for three glorious hours, we enjoyed an ever-entertaining show, with little time in our seats...After all, you have to be up dancing with everyone else.

This year, Ruth and I had new additions to our usual getups of hula skirts, Margaritaville tee shirts, and a variety of jewelry: We had new Parrothead hats!

Chris and Rob, who went with us this year, dressed a bit more conservatively, but did not seem too embarrassed to be with us.

While there were other Parrot and Shark heads in the crowd, we only saw two others with hats like ours...oh, and it kept our heads warm too!

Here's a closer look at the amazing Parrot Head!

Looking forward to next time, Jimmy!


mary ann said...

What fun ~ I love the hats!

Frank said...

JB has one GREAT fan in you. Glad you enjoyed. Love the hat, will you have that on for Halloween too?? If you do don't embarrass LD.

Bry HArris said...

Love the "parrot head" :) and blog post as well... greetings from the Parrot Island Band... blessings and beaches- Bry